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The Foundation provides medical fund for needy patients and donate artificial body organs/medical instruments to disabled people such as :

- artificial limbs
- walking aid
- hearing aid
- standing brace
- talking aid
- artificial lens
- artificial heart valve
- wheelchair
- heart pacing machine
- artificial hip
- bathing chair for handicap
- special bandage for burned victims

In addition, the Foundation has worked with the Lion Club of Thailand to support the Eye Foundation of Chaiyapoom Hospital, Siriraj Hospital Foundation, Thammikachon Foundation and Eye Ear & Throat Foundation of Thailand to provide artificial lenses for 750 needy patients in Petchaboon, Nakhon Ratchasima and Sukothai provinces.






TISCO Foundation
1st Floor, TISCO Tower, 48/4 North Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10500
Tel. +66 (02) 633-7501-7
Fax. +66 (02) 638-0554
E-mail : tiscofoundation@tiscofoundation.org

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