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  Background Board of Directors
Tisco Foundation : Who are we

TISCO Foundation was established by TISCO Finance Public Company Limited. As a declaration and commitment to provides assistance to targeted individuals for education, self-employment and support to people requiring medical treatment. The TISCO Foundation extends approximately 50,000 student scholarships from Grade School to University level to poor students in schools throughout Thailand annually. From the initial donation of one million baht from TISCO, The Foundation has received regular supports from the company, it's employees and the general public. Until now, the continued supports enable the Foundation endowment fund's growth to 333 million baht. The interest income from such funds has been donated to many charitable projects according to the foundation's objective.

Tisco Foundation : Who are we
TISCO Foundation Board of Directors
Mr. Sivaporn Dardarananda Chairman
Mr. Pliu Mangkornkanok Vice Chairman
Mrs. Oranuch Apisaksirikul Director
Mr. Suthas Ruangmanamongkol Director
Mr. Sakchai Peechapat Director
Mr. Sathit Aungmanee Director
Mrs. Pusadee Prichapanich Director
Mrs. Duangrat Kittivittayakul Director
Mrs. Pattira Wattanawarangkul Director
Mrs. Kasama Chatikavanij Director
Mr. Thammanit Benjapibal Director
Miss Pakaporn Punyashthiti Director
Miss Chutintorn Vigasi Director and Treasurer
Mrs. Vannee Uboldejpracharak Director and Secretary

TISCO Foundation Advisory Group
Gen. Somchai Uboldejpracharak Chairman of Advisory Group

TISCO Foundation Staff
Miss Pattranit Pantrapong Foundation Manager
Mr. Rachata Yubolwat Assistant Manager
Miss Borwornlak Nakrong Social Program Officer
Mr. Paraphat Tubtim Social Program Officer
Miss Nutthrada Saksitthithakurn Social Program Officer
Mr. Thanyathee Pathan Social Program Officer
Miss Wanna Prasangriyo Cashier Staff
Mr. Vorachit Leabtawee Accounting Staff
Mr. Sirisak Jareonsook Admin Staff